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To experience the fashion in the work,confidence to the people in the fashion!

Jijiahao garment group specializing in professional clothing design, production and sales. Successively in Shenyang, Beijing set up a branch office, the main products are: clothing, suits, T-Shirts, shirts, special protective clothing; railways, telecommunications, electric power and other industries clothing. For some special industry of special post, we produce anti-static fire retardant, acid and alkali resistant, oil proof water repellent, anti radiation and special purpose clothing.
Conducive to the management function is beautiful, protection and by occupation, we organized five prevention, Cardan, pure cotton, polyester surface, jeans and other eight series of nearly a thousand kinds of fabrics, formed from 45 yuan to 600 yuan different style series more than 600 kinds of products, for customers to choose.Click More »

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